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Fetish, Kink and Dominatrix

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fetish and bdsm
 and then a more serious discussion, and the subtext is that the subtext is that we don't want to be in bed with our mothers. It seems pretty clear that I was talking about not in the mood! So we moved onto a different topic, which is the BDSM.
I want to start by saying how much I love kink. I love the erotic part of kink. I am a fan of kink, so I have been playing with my own toy at home and, on some occasions, at work. On the other hand... well, you know.
What I'm about to write probably sounds crazy and disgusting to many folks. But think about it. The fetish and the bdsm, the sexuality. It is a relationship, and a relationship can be incredibly complicated if you try to talk about it without using the words "fetish" or "kink".
I'm going to have a very, very, very, very hard time arguing with a guy who will say that "Kink," with respect, means...well...I don't want to ramble but love the article above.



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