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Stumbled upon a great post on a foreign provider's is an excerpt with a link attached...

From Stockings and Seams-


Time Lost

I started writing this as a list of things I *didn’t* like people to do, and realised it sounded rather negative and down-beat. I actually meet overwhelmingly nice people, most of whom already do all or most of these things. But perhaps if you’ve tried to approach me or another provider and been turned back, improving on one or more of these things might change your chances of a date with me or whoever you’d like to see in the future…

I’ve included some links at the bottom for more general tips on being a good client, since the things I discuss here are things that please *me* in particular, may not be useful for another service provider, and of course are in addition to all the usual caveats about safer sex and hygiene… Take a look at the links if you’re in any doubt or need further guidance.

1. Respect my time. At least 20% of my twitter feed/IRL discussions with sex workers is complaints about timewasters. The scourge of our industry (although not *only* ours), people who are wasting my time come in many forms. The best way to respect my time is to:

a) start with a simple introduction to yourself, so I know roughly what you’re about, possibly by email, or just a sentence if we’re on the phone;

b) outline clearly any enquiries you might have, having first checked online for the information you’re seeking;

c) fulfil any requirements I may ask of you promptly (booking requests, security questions, answering my queries;

d) turn up on time and stay the agreed time;

e) feel free to correspond with me by email between sessions, but if your email isn’t booking another appointment, do expect to wait for an answer.

Should be obvious, no?

2. Tell me how you found me! A clear answer to this will endear you to me in no uncertain terms. “On the internet” is not a suitable answer to this question, since I ONLY advertise on the internet. Mention any directory website, any search terms you used to lead you to my website, or how you filtered a search on listings. The reasons for this are two-fold: firstly it’s a kind of market research for me. Should I spend time improving a certain profile? Do good clients come through particular websites? Is there information missing on a specific page?

Secondly, it helps me understand more about what you were looking for. If you literally searched for ‘stockings with seams’, I know to plan carefully to avoid the once-in-a-blue-moon-occasion when I wear alternative hosiery for our date.

You can

She had great stuff on her to read.