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A note for you...Do you recall the last time your experience with an escort was that of the exact same girl in the photograph, showing up?

The exact same girl you fantasized about? The one who's photograph had you craving for her in person?

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Hello! My name is Ilara Santos and I can't wait to make your dreams come true...if only for a little while.

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Very Warmest,

Ilara Santos


Elite Latina Florida Escort Companion and Model.

Published model and spokesperson.

One of the most sought after companion escorts.

Published in many major men’s magazines. Winner of Miss TER Summer 2017, Miss TER July 2016 and Nominated for best Exotic Dance Video 2018 just to name a few.



Ilara is resolutely stunning and radiates a warmth that would put anyone at ease. She is a sensual prowess, a passionate Latina with a contagious energy and a soft, playful attitude that makes a man feel special. And yet, she is down-to-earth and intelligent with a magical way of calming the soul.” - P



Jacksonville Elite Escort Ilara Santos of Miami/


Accomplished gentleman that you are, isn’t it time to spoil yourself with the attention of a sumptuous woman who will lavish you with affection? I am the sort of companion who likes to indulge her man in guilty pleasures and make him feel like a million bucks. Think of me as your playful, down-to-earth and oh so addictive muse.

An irresistible confection of lean curves, long, black tresses and shapely legs, I am a petite treasure filled with electrifying passion. Consider me your feminine delicacy that operates on full-throttle appeal, intense romance and sincere friendship. My skin is flawlessly radiant with hypnotic green eyes that will have you at first sight and a body that commands your attention in everything I wear. Whether I am adorned in a head-turning cocktail dress or a classic pencil skirt, silk blouse and heels, you can anticipate silky whispers of lingerie awaiting your discovery. Chances are excellent that you won’t be able to get enough of me!


Because our private affair is meant to be savored, intimacy and laughter are the qualities that matter most. Just imagine fantastic conversation, sharing a bottle of fabulous wine at our favorite cafe or devouring each other in the boudoir. Drama is never invited because life is meant to be carefree and celebrated! I am all about sharing moments that linger in the memory long after we’ve said goodbye. Until next time...


There is something special about exploring far away cultures. I’ve got wanderlust in my blood and live to travel. Shall we plan an exciting expedition? All those enlightening experiences will make for amazing conversation. At some point, I’ll get flirty and seductive, aroused by our common interests because chemistry really turns me on. We’ll take those spicy moments to a new level - maybe steal away to a boutique hotel where we’ll ravish each other followed by champagne and cheese on the terrace. What a dream!


Are you feeling what I’m feeling? If so, then maybe it’s time to find your way to my contact page, reach out and introduce yourself. Keep in mind that screening is essential and don’t forget to share a few respectful details about the man I am about to meet!