For the Latina Aficionado
How do you find the right escort, model, provider, companion or sugar baby for you?

You hear about many happy singles who find love in the alternative way by simply hiring an escort. They brag about the time of their life, they travel, they shop, spend time together, he shares his personal issues and gets that void filled.

How do you prove all this really happens? You go see for not get fooled by some have to do a little bit of homework...look for her candid videos, candid photos, pay attention to how she treats others on social she bat shit crazy and bashes anybody that does not go along with her agenda?

Go on her Twitter and her instagram and her snapchat...also check the age of the account to be certain that she is established.

I can go on and on with how to get a quality private model but you are smart and you know that researching escort sites, web cam sites and social media is key or at least a start.

I hope you find a private model that makes you happy and fills that void.

We all just want to be respected and loved...even if only for a little while with someone who won't judge us.

Stay safe and healthy.

Loving regards,

Ilara Santos of Miami

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