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Always immaculately groomed and dressed. I will keep you entertained with my conversation. My seduction skills will bring you to your knees when I work my magic on you. Beautiful, fresh, charming and loving eyes are amongst my greatest assets, but it is my ability to provide you with unrivalled pleasure that has men, women and couples coming back for more. 

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Do not be fooled by anyone who uses my same last name and is apparently new to this industry. 

I am provocatively referered to as a hot "MILF" who gets along best with gentleman over the age of 40 (sometimes as young as 30 but only if they have proven themselves online thru contributions that they are much more mature).

Siempre impecablemente arreglada y vestida. Te mantendré entretenido con mi conversación. Mis habilidades de seducción te pondrán de rodillas cuando haga mi magia en ti. Los ojos hermosos, frescos, encantadores y amorosos se encuentran entre mis mayores activos, pero es mi capacidad para brindarte un placer inigualable lo que hace que hombres, mujeres y parejas regresen por más. No se deje engañar por nadie que use mi mismo apellido y aparentemente sea nuevo en esta industria.

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Read more about me on the home page. I love keeping this site up to date as much as possible. 

Nos conocemos por chat o por telefono! 

Tu decides!

Encuentrame en donde encontraras mucho videos y fotos privadas.

Espero conocerte muy pronto.

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For those of you that are curious only because if my photos then I invite you to get to me even more. While many are not fans of reviews, my reviews are also on my website for your convenience and I can also provide them by email. There's well over 200 videos on my public and private members area. 

There are no imitations and be sure you have the correct Ilara Santos. It is quite strange that in the last 2 years a string of ladies with the last name,"Santos" have surfaced. Many will even try to pass themselves off as me. Do your research online. My Twitter profile indicates the time that I have been an established provider online.

"Tan glamorosa y ardiente como ella es, Ilara es tranquila y alegre con una sonrisa que mata".


Eres ese caballero adinerado que busca la compañía de una morena espectacular con tantos activos por dentro como por fuera. Una belleza atemporal con curvas espectaculares en un cuerpo pequeño, tengo una debilidad por la intimidad que comienza con una conversación inteligente. Abra su mente a la idea de una panacea latina cuya presencia le permita sentirse increíblemente a gusto. Tengo esta forma despreocupada sobre mí que se derretirá a través de la tensión del día y despertará el deseo que se muere por salir. ¿Puedes sentirme todavía?


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La vida nunca debe tomarse demasiado en serio. Tengo ganas de pasar buenos momentos, bailar y comunicarme de una manera que te colmará de cariño. Mientras nos exploramos, unas risas y suaves caricias alimentarán nuestro deseo hasta que la pasión se vuelva innegable. No puedo esperar a sentir tu magnificencia mientras admiras los encantos de mi cuerpo y el dulce aroma de mi piel sedosa. Mi cabello largo y lujoso es como el satén que cae por mi espalda y se detiene justo por encima de mi increíble trasero. Tan juguetón como puedo ser, las propuestas seductoras sacarán lo mejor de nosotros y luego es el momento de avanzar hacia el tocador.


Me convertiré en tu sueño travieso, una musa chisporroteante que te entretendrá sin fin. Pero el vínculo que creamos será inseparable, ese sentimiento especial de familiaridad y es casi imposible decir buenas noches. Su sonrisa se extenderá de oreja a oreja y, naturalmente, haremos planes para nuestro próximo encuentro nocturno. ¿Decimos, cena y teatro? Ambos sabemos qué hay de postre ...


Aprenda más sobre mí en mi sitio web y cuando no pueda aguantar más, póngase en contacto. La proyección es esencial pero fluida y marcará el ritmo para una presentación relajada. Me encantaría conocer algunos detalles encantadores sobre el hombre que eres, comparte. Estoy anticipándome a tu mensaje ...


Donde se encuentra el placer,

Ilara Santos


As glamorous and smoking hot as she is, Ilara is easygoing and cheerful with a smile that kills.”

You are that well-heeled gentleman who seeks the company of a show-stopping brunette with as many assets on the inside as she has on the outside. A timeless beauty with spectacular curves on a petite body, I have a soft spot for intimacy that begins with intelligent conversation. Open your mind to the idea of a Latin panacea whose presence allows you to feel incredibly at ease. I have this carefree way about me that will melt right through the day’s tension and awaken desire that’s dying to get out. Can you feel me yet?

Life is never to be taken too seriously. I have a zest for good times, dancing and communicating in a way that will shower you with affection. As we explore each other, a few laughs and soft caresses will feed our desire until the passion becomes undeniable. I can’t wait to feel your magnificence while you admire the charms of my body and the sweet scent of my silky skin. My long, luxurious hair is like satin that drops down my back stopping just above my incredible derriere. As playful as I can be, seductive overtures will get the best of us and then it’s time to advance into the boudoir.

I will become your naughty dream, a sizzling muse, entertaining you to no end. But the bond we create will be inseparable, that special feeling of familiarity and it is almost impossible to say goodnight. Your smile will stretch from ear to ear and naturally, we’ll make plans for our next after-dark encounter. Shall we say, dinner and the theater? We both know what’s for dessert...

Learn more about me on my website and when you can hold out no longer, do be in touch. Screening is essential but seamless and will set the pace for a relaxed introduction. I’d love to know a few charming details about the man that you are - do share. I am anticipating your message...

Where pleasure is found,

Ilara Santos


As with everything, always perform your due diligence. You will be provided with so many photos, videos and posts here that I promise you will return to this website very often. Grab a vino and join me online or in person.

Get to know me more and Follow me on my new NSFW Twitter @ClubIlara1 and my SFW (Safe for Work) Twitter @ilarasa


Ilara Santos
Miami, FL
5' 7"
122 lbs
Good wines, Dog lover, Well-groomed, Good hygiene, Mature, respectful gentlemen with good self awareness
Bad breath, Poor Hygene, Smoking Cigarettes, Cigarette breath, Smell or Odor of Cigarettes
Cash only, Payment Apps, Bitcoin Preferred
Men, Women, Couples
Top 10 on Onlyfans, Miss TER Summer 2017, Miss TER July 2016, Best Erotic Dance Video 2017, Many Major Men's Publications